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Graduate of BSc Construction Architecture with the professional title as

Bachelor af Architectual Technoligy and Construction Management.


The course held at KEA, Copenhagen School of Design and Technoligy, 



Construction Management

Quantity Surveying


Tendering & Documentation

Construction Design & Management(CD&M) Architectural Technoligy Business Management

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To promote conscious material sourcing, minimicing the use of natural resourses and the tools that is at hand.






  • Quantity extraction and overveiw 


By promoting current tools still in the uptake and capturing cutting edge consualtancy business in Construction.


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  • Integration and Worksharing


Not dependant of when are you ready to send
Not dependant of when are you ready to receive

But working outside the team for the data, by the data as a component of the team


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  • Holistic Integrated Design Phases


The bennefit of capturing the knowledge of all parties in the build process and comminutae this though a commen tool so it is shared and available to all


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  • Communication between tools


The importance of tools to be able to handle alian formats.


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